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Guys I need some help.
I have a 2015 Midsize 570 ranger with 3600 miles. This fall while on a hunting trip I had to put it back on the trailer, it ran fine for 2 days, but then after an hour of running it would stutter loose power and back fire when giving it more throttle, not really a help when hunting.

I changed the plug, checked the fuel tank vent line and pulled all the connections I could at the time. After two weeks I brought it to a local mechanic that knows these vehicles inside out. He was thinking something got wet as he was not able to repeat the problem, he even used a garden hose to soak the exposed electrical to no avail, but since he had worked all the connections we thought the problem was solved.
After fixing some other bearing and bushing issues I picked up the bike, surmising that something just got wet. Now I am back at the cabin, there is snow down. I have been using the bike for hours each day, tonight after half an hour of running it started doing the same thing. I had the heater on, as well as three forward facing Led lights and two rear facing lights.
I just replaced the factory battery with a new AGM of higher capacity.
This seems to be an issue after a while of running, not like the fuel pump issues of others.
What are we missing here?
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