My new one is here so I am putting this one up for sale. Heat and AC. Fosgate stereo. 6” super ATV lift and A arms. New belt and a couple spares. Front light bar. Rear bed illumination. Side mirrors. Includes front winch with a plow. All the drive shafts have been replaced in the last year. One front and one rear super ATV rhino 2.0 shafts are included. comes with a service manual also.
The wheels are 15” with 32” tires. It has a Gilomen tuner and clutch installed with turf delete.
It is running great. Known issues it needs a new right rear hub and wheel bearing installed. 11/30/2022 both rear wheel bearings and a new right side hub are installed. One of the front driveshafts is rattling but was under warranty. 11/30/2022 new front drive shaft has been installed.

Phil 248-892-1917

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