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2018 ranger diesel won’t start

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Hello everyone. New to the forum and having some issues. I recently purchased a used 2018 ranger crew diesel. It ran fine when I tested it and when I got it home it worked great. My wife opened it up and pressure washed everything. Now it won’t start at all. I have tried a brand new battery, checked the starter, tested voltage at the starter. When I turn the key on I have full light, dash and the glow plugs work. When I turn the key sometimes it clicks, sometimes it does nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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My brother had the new model diesel also and had similar issues….think his was a 2018 or 19. On his if the rear brake lights didn’t come on it wouldn’t start. Even wouldn’t start sometimes when they were on and he had to keep jiggling the key in ignition before it would fire up.
Think the dealer told him it was something to do with ignition switch.
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