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Hey All,

New here with a 2019 Ranger Crew XP 1000 Northstar.. like others on the forum I have a cracked glass windshield. However, mine was my own doing.. I must have had a rock hit while towing or at night at some point. What I know is that I have a full glass windshield with Wiper. It has the 4 clamps which indicate its the lock and go option.

I would like to keep a glass windshield and am looking for advice on which of the two I should go with.. Another lock and go ? or the fixed version ? Is it difficult to switch from my current lock and go to a fixed ?

I narrowed it down to these two for my model.

Lock & Ride Full Glass Windshield - Clear
Item # 2889030
Full Glass Windshield - Clear
Item # 2889021

Has anyone switched between lock and ride to fixed and had better results ? Lock and Ride seems to rattle and not make a good seal.

Edit: I have the factor wiper as well.. not sure if that opens up more options or not for me. I have AC/Heat and dont ever anticipate taking the window off for any reason..

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These guys make a heck of a product. Should stay secure with the straps. With the wiper you'll want to stay with glass for sure.

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