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2021 Polaris Ranger crew Northstar Premium rear back up light plug in

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It was my understanding from Polaris if you use rear factory plug instead of taking apart
and wiring to rt rear tail light assembly..that when you put in reverse... light you installed
on the after market Sautvs Rear bumper w LED /light automatically comes on.
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My experience (as well as others) with the plug and play reverse lights-
They do come on and function in reverse.
However, they "glow" when not in reverse.
I used a std bosch type relay to isolate the current so the light is actually off.
Pretty simple, required no additional wires to be run. But I'm pretty proficient with 12v wiring.
If you're not 100% sure what you're doing or how to wire it, I'd just get this for the price and be done with it.

Back Up Light Reverse Light Harness Fit for Polaris Ranger XP1000 2018-2021 | eBay
This accomplishes the same thing. And is probably a better solution give the waterproof connections.
Install the light with a relay ! Use the power from the Polaris back up plug to switch the relay on and the relay will send power to the back up light . There will be NO glowing in back up light !
Great idea. Wish I'd said that in the first reply...
Oh, I did
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