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'23 Trial Boss Actual Height ?

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I have a '23 Northstar Trailboss 1000 two door on order that should be here in June. there are none around here I can measure. I'm looking at a trailer with a door height of 80" . Polaris says the machine is 79 1/2" . I hate to buy the trailer and find out Polaris was off on their specs, has anyone actually measured one of these to see? I assume '22 is the same.

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I have the 23 Northstar Trailboss XP1000 two door, and just went out and measured it for you.
My Trailboss has ZBroz Exit shocks, BFG KM3 30x10-15 Tires set at 10 lbs rear, 8 lbs front.
I currently have 14" of ground clearance with this setup which gives me 1 3/4" over stock height as delivered to me.
Measured at the highest point, I am 77 1/8" high.

Good Luck...DRK
So that's 77 1/8" with the extra height or is that what it would be without it ? sounds like 76" might work but that would be cutting it really close, I want to keep it as low as possible of course.

The trailer I'm looking at comes in 76" or 80" it's a snowmobile trailer so I can get dual purpose out of it.

Thanks for measuring that, at least I know 80" will work for sure.
Update.. Forgot I had 7 gals of fuel, tool bag, air pump and mics tow and recovery straps ect in the rear, plus a 40 lb aluminum storeage box to carry things in.
I removed all the load and the hieght went to 77 1/2" as of current setup.
I also measured my 16 ft Stealth cargo trailer and the rear door is 84" opening....DRK
Thank you. sounds like 76" would scrape so 80" will work for sure.
Hopefully someone will chime in with a completely stock Trailboss for a comparison. DRK
There are options if the lower height will work better for you, but if it were me I'd get the higher so it's easier to walk in.
I’ll try to measure mine this weekend.
That would be great, I was worried 80" wouldn't do it and now it seems 76" might be a possibility.
Forgot to do it

setting a alarm for tomorrow evening
Plan ahead. You may want bigger tires or a 2" lift in the future. A little extra ground clearance on the ranger is nice to have. Get the 80"

If not...you can compress the suspension a couple inches with ratchet straps to get it through the door.
Ratchet straps are a thought, I mainly want the trailer for my sleds it would just be nice to be able to get the Ranger in it if I wanted.

Deck over snowmobile trailers are high enough already I just don't want to make it any worse than need be.
Assuming you are loading on a sloping ramp you will probably gain at least a couple of inches of clearance when the top goes through the door because the rear tires will be several inches lower than the fronts.
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My old car trailer I had was very low, I think it was only 74" but I could load it buy unhooking and dropping front down to make ramp angle more, Just like Rockit said. That was stock 2022 Ranger single cab Northstar.
Does the '22 have the same tires as the '23?
The 2019 Northstar I had I put 29" Bighorns off of a RZR on it and it went in also. The car trailer was really low. It was an old drag race trailer with drop center axles so ramp angle was shallow. So I loaded before I hooked onto pickup. I have sold it now so cant't remember for sure inside height but was not 80". I had to tie them down tight to keep from bouncing against ceiling.
This trailer has a beavertail so the door height is the same as the interior height once you're inside. so if it's really going to be that tight I might be forced to go to the 80". the ramp is pretty steep being a deck over trailer so that would help getting in the door but not if the ceiling lowers inside. I'll confirm this with the manufacturer, .
Mine is on tracks now and they make it higher but it comes in the garage with room to spare and my door is only 80"
It really is easy to compress the suspension with straps. I did it all the time when I ran portals. 4 dedicated straps the proper length from the lower a arms to the frame. Took all of 5 minutes.
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