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I have a 2017 Polaris 570 and the battery seems low. I added a plow and asked the dealer to put in a 20 amp. battery. They didn't and said I already had the large battery installed. I got a Moose Optimate 1 battery tender and after 24 hours it still didn't light the third green light. I tested the tender on a second 12 volt battery and it went green in a short time so I know the tender is fine.

Think the battery is weak or just need to charge it more?

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You probably just need to take the battery to an auto parts store and have it load tested.
Not knowing the size of the battery or the charge rate of the tender or the state of charge when you put the tender on makes it dfficult to know how long it would take for a full charge.

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Well, I plugged it and darned if it didn't charge. Wonder if I didn't have the plug all the way in the first time. Anyway, we're ready for snow.

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You can charge a battery .
Then let it sit for a couple hours.
Take a volt meter on DC.
Check the voltage.
Turn on the switch and turn the key..see if the voltage stays at 12 volts.

And you can get a load tester.
With everything off.
Put the leads on.
Look at the voltage..
Hit the load button and hold it for 10 seconds.
It has a meter arm that will tell you the shape of your battery.
Think the desired amp for a ranger is 30 amp.

Don't know about anybody else.
I don't want to go anywhere and worry about having battery problems.
How you going to get back.

A bad battery puts a load on the starter.
And heats the winding and armature up.

Bottom line.
When you have the 1st sign of a battery problem..
Take care of it.
From the day you buy a battery.

Take the battery out if you are able.
Take it to batteries plus or call the Polaris dealer and ask them if they have one.

I like AGM batteries.

Get someone like a nice g7200 charger.
Set it on a lead acid or agm setting and charge your battery.

After charging it.
Disconnect the charger.
If it needs charging.
Check it in a month or two.
Battery tenders are not great for batteries.
They burn the batteries up in the long run.

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If you replace a battery.
You need to get a good battery.
You need to look at your battery before removing it.
Does it have battery acid on the connections.
Do you have battery acid in the cables.
When installing a new battery.
The post on the battery needs to be cleaned very good.
The cable connections need to be cleaned very good.
Use wire brushes.

Something like this.

3 Piece Heavy Duty Wire Brushes

And when putting the connections back on.
It needed.
Open the lead connection with pliers.
Then put them back on.
You can damage the post.
After getting everything back together.
Charge the battery with like a 7 amp charger.
Then put a meter on it.
Look at the voltage.
Crank it and see if the voltage goes up just a little.
That will show if your battery is receiving a charge..

All of these things are very important, other than just throwing a battery in.
And riding.
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