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Best Gun Overhead Rack?

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Anyone have an overhead gun rack they like ? or are they not as slick as they look ? I'll have my bird dogs up front I'd rather save the space if the overhead works good.

I see several brands I'm not sure which to get. it'll be for a '23 Trailboss 2 door.
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I like my Big Sky rack. It holds my 10/22 and single shot 12ga. with no movement or rattling at all.
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Do you ever run into head room problems with it ? my rig isn't here yet and there aren't any to look at.
I have a similar one (do not remember the brand). After a while the guns started sliding around. I am 6'0 and will hit my head on the guns if not careful.
I installed a Big Ski Racks in my 2023 Ranger.
I used the single gun rack. So I could get it up as far as possible. For the most head room.
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Another vote for Big Sky. Mine is the BSR-2. No headroom issue on my 2016 900xp with my 5'-9" height. Mine was not a strict bolt in and needed installation mods for my usage by adding the fore/aft bars the rack mounts to and not bolt through the roof.

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