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Dave, I have a similar Question, but to help you with yours, I can tell you, I have a set of ITP mudlite XL's on my Sportsman 600. they are very excellent in mud and snow. I'm sure there are others out there that work as well .. maybe even better. But that is my experience with the Mudlites

When I bought my quad, it came with Carlisle Badlands, I was not impressed with them for desert riding, and they failed miserably in Colorado in the mud there.
So I bought the ITP's .. they work good in mud and snow and sand .. shaley type terrain they fail as well as other types of rocky terrain.

My Ranger has Carlisles on it, I am not too fond of them either, except that they seem to work decent in loose rocky areas and climbing rocky terrain.

I see a lot of people with the Big horns type treads, I think they appear to be excellent for rocks and loose rocks, and posibly sand. I wonder how well they do in mud, with how they clean themselves?

With the type of tread the ITP Mudlites have, they are excellent in mud, as they clean themselves very well. The Badlands clogged up in the mud of Colorado.

I'm thinking too .... that I want a tire with a fairly aggressive tread but with good rolling resistance on hard pack.
I kinda am liking the Duro Frontier tire for a real beefy tread and nice side wall biters, looks like it will clean good in mud, but might not do so well in loose rocky or sandy conditions.
The ITP Baja Cross tires look like a good desert tire for sand, loose rock and rocky terrain?
The Maxxis MU08 Ceros looks good too?

Any thoughts or experience?
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