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Broken shift lever

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I'm just here to vent more than anything...
As I was plowing snow today I went to shift into reverse and suddenly my shift lever was broken off in my hand. After my brain finally processed what happened I looked at the broken end and IMMEDIATELY got ticked off!! Does everyone know what kind of JUNK metal those shift levers are made of? Cast zinc (from what I've read elsewhere)! Wow, I can't imagine why that material would ever snap like that, can you? What garbage!!! I learned quickly as a child that type of material breaks very easily for God's sake! Anyway, since then I've been scoping the internets for an aftermarket option with no luck. If anyone has a line on something of this sort, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance. The OEM replacement is fortunately only $75... not that it excuses the absolute low budget junk Polaris decides to use to build their overpriced heaps they sell. I expected it to cost more to be honest... generally when companies know they're creating a part that will certainly break over time, they charge through the nose for the replacement, you know.
Sigh... Well, thanks for the stress relief. Again, if anyone knows of an aftermarket option, I'm looking forward to the help.

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I think I’m going to have him make up like 10 of them and I will sell them... just don’t know if people will spend $200 on 1... I see the value but other people only think about what 1 will cost not the fact that they will actually replace the cheap factory one 2 or 3 times
whats the chances i can get one of those bad boys???
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