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Tied of being blinded by the crazy bright Led switches in your NS .
The reflection off the glass is stupid ...if you own a NS and drive it at night you will understand exactly what I am describing
Here is a very simple fix .... did it tonight and it works great.

I can see and read the switches perfectly ...but it's not blinding me and GREATLY reduces the glare inside the cab

If you dont like it peel it off..... it sticks very well and leaves no residue at all ...very easy to work with
pick and choose which lights you want to dim

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In this last photo you can really see the difference between the taped area vs not

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I like it. I covered mine with black tape. Can't see them at all now which is great until you want to find the right switch at night :). On that note, I hate the winch placement switch by the the headlight. I hit it 1/2 the time trying to get my headlights on/off.
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