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Do I have a problem? Top speed 25 mph

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I am new to the SxS world. I have a 2022 Ranger 1000 Premium with 14 hours on it. I am getting a top speed of 25 MPH.

I noticed if the seat belt is not fastened, I get 20 MPH...I love that, brilliant safety feature.

Even with the seat belt buckled, and in H gear, it still tops out at 25 MPH. Is that part of the break in period?

I read on these forums others are getting 45MPH+. I occasionally have to take in on the main country road, and that speed limit is 35, so I would like to at least go that fast to avoid getting rear ended by a maniac simultaneously texting, eating and driving.

Can you educate me, being mindful I do not know much about this machine. Or point me to read further?

Thanks in advance.
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Get a bypass off ebay or amazon for about $10 then you won't have to worry about which buckle is which, or you can always cut and splice the two wires together.

That definitely sounds like it is an issue with the position switch and the ecu, but it could be a bunch of different things causing it. I would start with disconnecting the shift cable and work it by hand. See if there is too much resistance or if the detent feels good for each position. See if the display reads properly for each position. If you can, use tape or something to mark the lever arm for each position. Then if that all goes well, reattach the cable and see if the lever ends up in the same location. Adjust as needed. It may still be something internal in the switch and needs the actual vibration of driving to make it fail so road testing may be needed as well. Could also be some corrosion on the pins in the connector, so may have to check into that and dielectric grease them as well.

Good luck, just be methodical. Intermittent electrical gremlins can be a pain in the ass.
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