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Do I have a problem? Top speed 25 mph

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I am new to the SxS world. I have a 2022 Ranger 1000 Premium with 14 hours on it. I am getting a top speed of 25 MPH.

I noticed if the seat belt is not fastened, I get 20 MPH...I love that, brilliant safety feature.

Even with the seat belt buckled, and in H gear, it still tops out at 25 MPH. Is that part of the break in period?

I read on these forums others are getting 45MPH+. I occasionally have to take in on the main country road, and that speed limit is 35, so I would like to at least go that fast to avoid getting rear ended by a maniac simultaneously texting, eating and driving.

Can you educate me, being mindful I do not know much about this machine. Or point me to read further?

Thanks in advance.
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Older post, I know, but gear position sensor, mine used to crap out on the Highlifter all the time.
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