I have 2 Duraclutch primary's for sale. These were used on a 2015 Ranger 900XP.

1) Gen 1. This has ran about 2.5 years. It began to slip/jump on takeoff. I blew it out with air but it didn't help. DC no longer supports this Gen so this is only for parts.

2) This is the newer Gen 3 I think. It has only ran about 50 hours. It makes squealing noise on takeoff and has since new. Its smooth enough but noisy. It is also about 2.5 years old but has been sitting in my shop. There isn't any warranty because of age but looks like new. However, note it doesn't work properly. Pics shown are this primary.

Ask all questions.

I would prefer to sell both together. $300 plus shipping CONUS.