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Hello I have a 2017 Ranger XP1k, with a bunch of Polaris installed accessories by the dealer when purchased new. My local dealer installed the electric bed lift actuator. And installed a rocker switch on the dash to open and close it. On many occasions, the system works, it allows me to push the switch and lift the bed to dump it, whether I’m cleaning the machine or dumping firewood, then when I activate the switch to lower the bed, it just vibrates and make noise like it is going to lower the bed, and stays in the upright position, I then need to remove the Clovis pin holding the actuator end to the bed frame, tap the actuator shaft with a hammer, and rock the switch back and forth a bunch of times, and reconnect the bed, and then maybe after 100 tries, it decides to work.
I'm so over this. The actuator is crap if it cannot stand up to water, mud, dirt debris and regular use. Heck my 2017 only has less than 900 miles on it, and this piece of crap never works properly.
as of today, I’ve gotten it to lower to almost full closed, but a couple inches, and when I drive it, the bed flexes and rattles because it won’t close all the way. And forget about squeezing under it to remove that Clovis because I would need to be as flat as a piece of paper to fit under it.
this Polaris lift is crap, and they want $600 to replace it............
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