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Extended service contracts

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Lately I have been receiving extended service contract offers from Polaris. How many of you have purchased an extended contract? Was it worth it? Have you ever had to use it? Would you ever consider not buying one?
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I recently received a similar mailing from Polaris, however mine shows tax, where yours doesn't. I also noticed that your is more expensive. For example, my price for 12 months, including tax, is $852.00. Yours, with no tax, is $960.00. If it makes a difference, I have a 2023 Northstar premium.
Who was your 3rd party extended warranty through?
Pinnacle insurance, it was offered through the Polaris dealer when I picked up my unit. It’s a 2022 North Star Ultimate.
Can you please provide me additional information on the Pinnacle extended warranty you have? I called Pinnacle and talked with one of their agents. She said they don't offer extended warranties unless you are currently insured through them and add an extended warranty through an existing policy. I googled Pinnacle insurance and they are headquartered in Brandon, SD. Is this the same Pinnacle that you are referring to? If not, can you give me their phone number?
You're going to want to check with your local dealer and see who they use. Even if you manage to find info on that plan, doesn't mean your local place will accept it and use them.
My local dealer is a Polaris dealer. Polaris is the extended warranties that they sell.
Thats fine, but you still haven't told me how to get ahold of Pinnacle.
I will just stick to a Polaris extended waranty. I won't belabor the point any further, but I do have one more question. Lets say that you are several hundred miles from home, your Plaris warranty has expired, and you need to take your Polaris to the closest dealer where you are at to get something repaired. Don't you have to have some type of documentation to show the other dealer that you have an extended warranty from other than Polaris? Do you know that they will accept it?
No problem, it just made me really wonder. Thanks for letting me know.
Put that money in a high interest savings account then at least after 4 years you still have your money.
In today's economy, what do you consider a "high interest" savings account?
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