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I got my Grizzztech panels installed today, and my tablet mount. I was watching a video on the Tusk Uinta wheels and they mentioned retorquing them at 50 miles after installation. I was at about 45 and decided to check them. It's a good thing I did. I found about 6 of them that was backed almost all the way out. That could have been bad back on the mountain. They call for a 50lbs of torque. But I really needed a thinner wall socket. I snugged them down with a couple uggadugga's from the hex impact until I can get a thin enough socket to get in the beadlocks so I am not rounding them off with the bar torque wrench I have. The better half is wanting a Samsung 8+ tablet, so it can run double duty. I just hope it's not too big put in side ways.

Also I was worried about the frame plugs trapping water. When I got under to feel, there is a good half inch hole on the bottom of the frame just in front of the plug. If you sink it in mud, it will get in there. But for general water retention, it should drain out just fine.

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