I have a set of Kemi Moto side mirrors that were given to me by Kemimoto about two months ago. They sent them to me to test, and give feedback to them after putting them on and using them. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between them and I, and the mirrors don't fit on NorthStars, which is what I have. It's too bad too, because these mirrors are SO much better than the Polaris ones that I got with my machine. These mirrors will articulate in about any position you'll want them to, and will also stay in the position that you want them to better than the Polaris ones will.

In any event, the mirrors were given to me at no charge, so I'm willing to give them to someone else that wants to try them at no charge. I will just need whoever wants them to pay for the shipping to wherever they're going to.

I'm not positive if these are the exact mirrors or not, but the ones they sent me look the same as these do. I will post pictures of the mirrors tomorrow, as they're out in my shop at the moment, and it's raining cats and dogs out there LOL. UTV Side View Mirrors– Kemimoto

In any event. Whoever reaches out to me first will get the mirrors. Again, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING.