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Working on rebuilding a front gearbox on this 2015 570 F/S. Unit was making a terrible noise when driving. Mostly roaring bearing noise. Tore into it and no oil inside... mostly water. Need to replace all three bearings and input/output seals. The only seals that Polaris offers is in a kit (#3236682) and the bearings are also in a kit (3235174). Rather than ordering these from Polaris I outsourced these myself. The bearings and seals are commercially available, but may be a different number.

From Polaris the seals and bearings would be over $200. I outsourced these locally and got all the parts for under $75.

Input bearing (72x30x30) SKF #3306A Double row open ball bearing.
Input seal (72x30x8) Double lip oil seal.
Output bearing (55x30x9) SKF #16006 Single row open bearing. 2 of these.
Output oil seal (40x30x4) SKF #30X40X4 HMSA7 R Double lip oil seal. 2 required.

The model # for the Hilliard unit is #1333104. Which has been replaced by #1337133.

Hopefully someone might find this information useful.


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