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I see that there are some older posts about Hot exhaust, but nothing seemingly recent.
My New Ranger 500 with 3 miles, glows red all the way to the Muffler at one mile in low gear, 15MPH, Ambient temp=60F, level ground.
The exhaust get so hot, that the exhaust pipe is Orange at the head (1500F)

I'm sure if it were mid August with 110 Degree temps, I could get it Orange hot for another foot or more.
Meanwhile the Engine coolant temp ranges from 185 to 199F

Some say that this is because the EPA and leaner mixtures.
Some say this does not happen to their machine.
One guy said he bought 3 rangers and only one had this issue which was fixed with an O2 change.

After sending a picture to Corporate Polaris, they said "We recommend stopping operation and bringing the unit to an authorized Polaris dealership"
The dealer said, "I did not make the machine, I'm not responsible....... I'm confident there is nothing wrong with the machine"

I said, "it will surely catch grass on fire." The dealer said "Don't drive through grass"

Anyone else experience this? :confused:
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