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Has my UTV transmission gone bad? That’s what one of our readers wants to know about his squealing Polaris Ranger and he’s asked the ATV AnswerMan for help.

Here is exactly what reader Jadie asked the AnswerMan, followed by his response:

My brothers 2014 popo ranger hunting rig is making awful noise and we cannot figure out why. It sounds like the transmission is broken or breaking and when running down the highline or water break roads during duck season it just squeals so loud and it seems like it is right under the seat. I think it even shakes a bit but we have big tires on for mud so I am not really sure. Sometimes when he backs up it sounds like there is gravel in the transmission. Do you think the motor or transmission is bad? The motor oil was changed and is good and the transmission has enough in it too. We need help fast because it is going to be spring soon.
Check out ATV AnswerMan's response here: Has My UTV Transmission Gone Bad? - ATV.com
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