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Back in June, I purchased a used 2011 Polaris Ranger EV with 273 hours on it which still had its original 4-year old batteries in it. I was only able to get ~8 miles of range on the vehicle with those batteries using the machine in high before the "charge batteries" indicator light would come on, so in October I replaced those batteries with some brand new US Battery 12VXC batteries. I cleaned all connections and coated with protectant and I have been able to get 18+ miles on it with the ranger in high gear for ~1 hour as I have been breaking the batteries in before they need charging.

However, I recently have run into an issue that I did not notice before replacing the batteries. When I am running the ranger with the headlights on for an extended period of time, the "High Temp Light" on the dash comes on and sometimes shuts the machine down. I can only recreate the error when I have the headlights on while running the machine. The first time it happened, I had run the machine all of the way down to where the "charge batteries" light on the gauge came on and I had accidentally left the headlight switch on when I parked the machine back in the barn for charging. I pulled the key, plugged in the charger and left the machine alone to charge overnight. The next afternoon, I went out to the barn to get the Ranger to use it to fill a feeder behind my house and the machine pulled forward ~20 yards then shut down with the high temp light on. I knew the motor could not be hot as I had not run the ranger more than the 20 yards. I left the machine outside overnight and tried to do some research as to what was going on. Multiple threads suggested anything from overheating, to a defective sensor inside the motor housing which would require a brand new motor at a replacement cost of $2,800+. I decided to go back out to the back yard that night and plug the ranger charger back in to see if that might have been the issue, but the next morning the result was the same...the high temp light would come on when I turned the key on and the ranger would not go anywhere.

In an effort to troubleshoot the problem, I disconnected the main power connection under the seat and checked all of the battery connections. Everything seemed to be in order, so I reconnected the main power connection and miraculously, everything seemed to be back in proper working order. I filled the feeder up, pulled the ranger back out to the driveway and decided to run it for a while to break the batteries in some more. When I pulled out onto the county road in front of my house (during daylight) I switched on the headlights and immediately I got the high temp light came on solid again and the ranger would not go anywhere. I pulled the seat off, unplugged the main power connection, waited 20-30 seconds, reconnected the main power and everything was good to go again. I then proceeded to run the ranger for ~1 hour to run the batteries down again to break in batteries and pulled it back into the barn and began to troubleshoot the problem further. I found that the passenger side headlight bulb was causing the issue (I disconnected this light and the ranger would work fine with no issues, when I used that bulb on either side, I would get the high temp light to come on). The bulb was not burned out and would even come on briefly when I flipped the headlight switch on before the high temp light would come on and the headlight would go out.

I then went to the dealership, picked up a new headlight bulb and everything seemed to be in fine working order again...or at least I thought! I took the ranger ev down to the ranch over Thanksgiving weekend and my dad had the same issue with the high temp light when taking it out one morning with the headlights on. He had only driven ~1.5 miles and the ranger was fully charged with the morning temp running about 50 degrees. He said the lights had started flickering a couple of times and they were able to get the ranger running again by just turning the key off, then turning it on again. He said the ranger died three times like that with the headlight on, so they just drove the rest of the way to the stands with a handheld flashlight.

Tonight, I ran the ranger again with the headlights on to try and recreate the issue...I had it in high gear and we drove it 11 miles for ~45 minutes before the high temp light started flashing (all of the times before, the high temperature light would come on solid). I stopped, turned the headlights off, the high temp light went off and we drove another 1 mile back to the house with no issue. There was no flickering of the lights at all before the high temp light started flashing tonight.

I'm just trying to figure out if this is a legitimate high temperature sensor issue, or if I have some sort of loose connection or short that is causing this problem. Has anyone ever had an issue with this? One other bit of information is that I did fill all of my batteries after Thanksgiving weekend for the first time on my new set of US Battery 12VXC's with the Jan Water products watering kit. The batteries took a total of ~1.2 gallons between the 8 batteries. Not sure if that may have been causing an issue or not?
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