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Hey guys.

It's Aaron from Kemimoto here.

I’ve been browsing thru our forum these days, which is really a that’s hard-core and funny place to go to. Not to mention there’re many knowledgeable folks and real off-road lovers around here who genuinely want to help in each.

With that being said.. gotta admit that’s something forum fell short of FB. When some guys in Alaska or somewhere try to hang out with local riders or find something local, FB seems to perform better.

Don’t get me wrong lol, I’m not trying to troll. Facebook has its deficiencies too, for me it sacrificed preciseness and patience for instant gratification, hence there would be hell lot of smart-ass comments sprung up 😶once you post some questions and looking for an answer, while all they offer is just some piss poor advice. Plus, there is no good way to search or link someone to that post you’re looking for.

In all, Facebook groups tend to be more dynamic and much easier to organize events, but lack some real insight about their rigs and offroad activities.

So I built a Facebook group for all of us, whenever some of you guys want to take a local group ride, you can just meet and hook up with other guys in that group. And I believed that with the forum members jumped in, our group can have its cake and eat it too-instant feedback and thoughtful advice, you can have it both ways!

We’ve also prepared some small gifts for you!

You’ll gain

·18% store-wide discount for group members.

·Non-scheduled giveaway or gift cards.

·1100+ group riders for you to ride with.

What you need to do

·just join our FB group, post a pics about your rig would be better!


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