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Installing RZR 900 tires/wheels on a midsize 570

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I found a good deal on some brand new take off wheels and tires from a RZR 900. Brand new GBC dirt commander 27s and polaris aluminum wheels for $500. When test mounting the front tire I noticed that the offset is different and that the centering tabs for the steel wheels do not allow the rims to mount flush (the center opening in the aluminum wheel is smaller). I ordered a set of 1 inch wheel spacers but now I'm not sure if one inch will be enough to clear the original wheel lugs. Has anyone tried this before?
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They should work okay with the spacers.
Depends on the type of spacer. If they are hub centric they may not work.
I am going from memory here so correct me if I am wrong, but I think the hole is stepped with the first 3/16 or so being the 156mm diameter and the step being smaller. I think if all else fails you can grind the tops of the locating tabs on the hubs down a very small amount and the spacers will work, or the wheels too except that the back spacing might be wrong without the spacers.

Either way let us know how this works out.
Worked fine with 1 inch spacers. No rubbing anywhere, lost a little bit of low end power but picked up 4 mph on the top (I ride on the street a lot). Tires are much less noisy on the road and steering is quicker. Haven't had a chance to try them in the dirt yet.
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I know this is an old thread but I have the same Polaris purchased same wheels but 26 inch tires.

will I still need 1 inch spare with different tire height?


The spacer is necessary to make the wheels fit, not the tires.
Do you have any recommendations on a brand of spacer and where to buy them?
SuperATV and POWERSPORTSiD are vendors on this forum that would probably be able to fix you up.
Just call them and tell them what you are needing to do.
Ok thank you for sharing information.

this may be a dumb question but do they require spacers front and rear?
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