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Is this a good deal? '13 Ranger XP900 for 7k

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Hi all,

New to the SxS world but a mechanic by trade. Been researching the forums/googling for more info but wanted to reach out to the experts here and see if this sounds like a good deal, and if so if there is anything specific I should be looking for for this year outside the typical components. Looking for a good deal and dont mind a bit of a "fixxer upper" in general. However, I'm having a tough time determining a "fair" market value as these listing seem to be all over the place. For example, what would your thoughts be on this listing?

2013 Polaris ranger xp900
"2013 Polaris XP 900 runs good less than 350 hours $7000 "

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Plant Car Vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Hood

Sky Vehicle Window Car Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Thanks in advance!
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All things being equal and not being able to see or hear it run across the internet, that's a pretty good price IMO if it's in good mechanical shape (which the pics lead to believe).

2 things of concern are 1) tractor style tires like that are used for mud bogging and 2) front fairlead mount on bumper destroyed, how/why ??
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It looks like a reasonably well cared for machine. The fairlead mentioned above is worthy of a question, but in my opinion not a deal killer. I've only purchased used Rangers and have never had a serious issue. I do my own maintenance and follow the book, mostly. When buying, I do check all the electrical systems and switches to ensure everything electrical is working as it should. Look at the oil on the dipstick and listen for any tranny noises. I have the same year and model and have had no issues. Just a note, in my part of the world (North Florida and Southeast Georgia) the tires would not be significantly unusual. What I call the "real mudders" would have REALLY aggressive tires, snorkels, and likely the radiator relocated higher. To me, it all looks normal, but I only know what I personally call normal in my area. All the best with you decision.
Sounds like its a good deal for the seller -

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