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We ride in Kisatchie National Forrest. There are actually 3 seperate locations there to ride.

1. Camp Caiborne - Located near Forrest Hills, LA
This location has been getting smaller and smaller. The park ranger has been drastically decreasing the riding areas.
2. Camp Cravens - Located near Cravens, LA (just north of Deridder, LA)
This is where we go the most. It has a nice mix of trails, small hills, and a highline that, in 12 years of riding, I have never seen dry. . .
3. Camp Lotus - Located north and east of Leesville, LA
This is like the Cravens location. It is actually one HUGE 36 mile loop with a 10 mile cut across. We've been there several times

All of these locations have camp grounds, we haven't been to the Claiborne camp lately but Cravens and Lotus have bathrooms.

Here's a link http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/kisatchie/maps/calc-maps.html. There is a link on the right side for "OHV Trail Status" it tells you if the trails are open or not. They get closed when it rains.
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