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I thought I had already posted this but couldn't find it.. So I will try to do it again.

I accepted to install a 40 inch lightbar on top of a 2018 XP1000. I am not familiar with
the 1000's, but it does have interior lining on the roof and doors. Can the upper lining
be taken down then put back up. I see some tabs that look like push pins but aren't, are
they something that come out easy or will I destroy them taking the lining down>

Under the hood I see the 3 prog post that used to hold the electrical hook up is gone and
a new setup against the dash wall. I would assume all these are Keyed terminals. Where is
the full time post for hook ups?

To install a new Lightbar switch in the dash, does the top of the dash over the light switch
just come off after pulling the two pushpins?

I am asking these questions after only a two minute look at his XP1000, so please bare with

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The dash comes apart easily, I've got one in loads bits at the minute fitting a heater kit. It's all just plastic poppers...

Headling should have torx screws holding it up, 2 at the front and 2 near the rear, and a line of plastic pushfit grippers on the join, sometimes they break on removal.

Power can come from the front plug in bus bar, or you might have a bus bar in the roof too, do you have any roof powered accessories ie interior light, windscreen wiper etc??

If you wire up from the bonnet bus bar then you can run the wires through the front windscreen pillers keeping it tidy, there's an exit hole near the roof lining.
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