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This is my first time to the site and it looks as though everyone has a lot of combined knowledge of Rangers and their inner workings. Therefore, I have some questions that maybe you all can answer or direct me to someone who can.

First of all, I have a 2005 Ranger XP 700EFI 4x4.
Known modifications done are as follows:
(bought Ranger this way)

Bold are same part #s

#2410562 Chassis Harness
#4011109 ECM/ECU (fits 2005 Sportsman 700 EFI.)
#1202836 Throttle Body (fits 2005 Ranger and 2005-2008 Sportsman 500/700/800 EFI.)
Powercoated Stock Exhaust (no relevance yet)

#2410624 Headlight / Hood Harness (stock)
#2410503 Headlight Assembly (stock)
#4011029 Headlight Bulb (stock)

Without spending serious money I would like to keep up with the 2008 Rangers in speed and torque.
Install 2007/2008 Ranger XP 700 EFI Speedometer Cluster with accurate rpm/fuel/odo readings
(included in cluster)
Install HID Conversion 50Watt (if possible).

Stock Parts of 2007 Ranger XP 700 EFI

#2410798 Chassis Harness
#2410834 Speedometer Cluster
#4011694 ECU
#1203160 Throttle Body
#2410878 Headlight / Hood Harness
#2410503 Headlight Assembly
#4011029 Headlight Bulb

Stock Parts of 2008 Ranger XP 700 EFI

#2410959 Chassis Harness
#2410834 Speedometer Cluster
#4011599 ECU
#1203160 Throttle Body
#2410979 Headlight / Hood Harness
#2411010 Headlight Assembly
#4010253 Headlight Bulb (50w hal)

Stock Parts of 2008 Rzr 800 EFI

#4011832 ECU
#1203160 Throttle Body
#2410682 Chassis Harness

Questions are:
Seems as though Polaris uses same t/b regardless of cc. What benefit would it do to replace t/b? Or should I have the new #1202836 stock t/b bored out?

Which ECU is right for me? 800?
And which chassis harness will it work with? My stock one?

Which components would I need to change if I wanted to install OE gauge cluster? Harness.....sensors? Which ones? I have trailtech now (and works just fine) but like the looks of OE.

Would I also need to change the Headlight / Hood Harness to do the above? (due to dash lights?)
If so, then can you recommend and HID conversion kit for under $125 to fit new harness?

Or should I scrap all my knowledge and use a modified ecu and fuel management system with modified intake and exhaust? AKA BIG MONEY.......Please keep in mind I have new ECU#4011193 and New T/B#1202836 already.

I know there are A LOT of questions to answer here but, I am sure there are many others out there with slightly older units looking to keep up with the '08s at 50+ mph such as myself. I am sure this will be valuable to the masses. Thank you in advance your insight and assistance. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


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Make sure you make yourself known in the Arizona section O0

Just give Dale from Dirty Dawg Performance a couple days to come by and answer your question.

He is the Ranger Guru 8)

He can set you up right, and you'll probably end up spending less, because he'll point you to what you really need to "keep up w/ the '08's."


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Thanks for the kind words guys.

As far as answering all the questions I will give it a try.
You currently have the 4011109 ecu this is the best performing ecu out there for the 05 - 06 700 rangers.

That one is currently not available now you have to use the 4011560 as a replacement which gives a lot better performance then the stock one.
If you want to sell that 4011109 ecu let me know.

All the ecus will plug right in to the harness but having it work properly for your application is another thing.

The throttle bodies for the 700 and 800 motors are 40mm and manufactured by Keihin the 500 throttle bodies are 39.5mm and made by Mikuni.

You will need a deep pocket book to convert to the new Polaris Speedo. If I remember right the wiring harness is 331.00 the speedo is 298.00 and the under the dash harness is 166.00 plus you would need numerous other components to do the conversion. I do believe the whole conversion would be around 1200.00.

To make your machine run with the new ones you will need a camshaft, clutching, filtration and fuel controller. Clutching is the key to making all these machines run good.

If you have any questions you can email me or call 651-340-1129
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