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Hey all.

As we know the Memorial Day is around the corner. Many of you guys might have been planning for a short trip, From sunny beach destinations to the wild desert.

But hey..The "Memorial" in Memorial Day, seems to have been ignored for a long time, the age of temperance is being ushered out by the era of hedonism. We laugh, we play, we browse through the hot trend on IG, and then just put it all behind. It’s us who are real beneficiaries of those who sacrificed their life, their heart and their soul for the U.S.

We should take this day as a day that we remember our heroes, our ancestors, and all the fallen who could’ve returned home and reunited with their families.

World Lighting Font Red Morning

Hence, Kemimoto wants to pay special tribute to the heroes who sacrificed everything for the U.S.

Share stories/pics/videos about the glory days when you served the army, or just post pics about how you pay tribute to our heroes, and you’ll be able to get Kemimoto’s giveaways!

How to Play

1. Post pics/videos under the thread about the days when you served in the army, or post pics/videos about how you pay tribute to our heroes.

2. There’ll be 5 winners who would have the right to take one of our giveaway items for free, the list of giveaway items is listed below.
Every Participant would be able to get an 18%-OFF promo code.

3. The winner will be chosen at random on May 31st, 2022.

4. The pics/vids you share would be put on our website with your username attached to it. Our vision is to make it a gallery to show our supporters that, Kemimoto values those fallen, values the spirit of duties, honors, and patriotism, as these are the cornerstone of the whole America.

5. We reserve all the rights for the final explanation.

Giveaway Items
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire


Heated Jackets with a Battery Pack
Heated Gloves
Polaris RZR LED Light Mirror for 1.75" Roll Bars
Universal Side Mirror with LED Spot Light for 1.75" - 2" Roll Cage
Mirrors with LED Turn Signal Lights For Polaris Ranger

Feel free to share!

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