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My New (to Me) XP1000

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Just picked up a 21 XP1000 in great shape.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Snow Car

She is going to replace my 2016 RZR 900 Trail. I'm excited to have heat and a windshield lol. This will be a camping/ trail rig in the summer and a snow plow machine in the winter. I already have some lights, switch panels, and a few other accessories ordered. Maybe a headache rack and bed cover will be on the list as well.

Not pictured is a set of Polaris tracks. Hoping they will up my ice fishing game this winter.

That being said I do have a couple questions:
-Are the Polaris LED Headlights worth it?
-Is the reverse gear the weak link I hear it is?
-Any 'Must Have" accessories? Interior storage, exterior parts, engine upgrades, ect....
-Anyone have experience with some of the larger power V plows? Thinking about upgrading from a straight blade..

In any case I have been lurking for a little while and appreciate all the write ups folks have left. Thanks all!
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The reverse chain (not a gear set) can be a weak link. Just don't pull and yank on stuff in reverse, and you likely will never have an issue. The problem is if you don't know this ahead of time, abusing it in reverse can cause the chain to break, which can then snowball into an expensive transmission if not careful. If you need to pull on something, tie it to the rear and pull in L. Use your winch (if equipted) to pull yourself and your load forward instead of hooking your winch to what you want to pull and then using reverse.
Thanks. My main concern would be trying to reverse out of a mud hole or maybe backdragging snow while I plow. Appreciate the info.
Try it out as is first and never plow in reverse. Very nice!
So you are saying to not back drag? That would be great to know. Thanks!
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Nice, what bed cover are you thinking of getting?
I've been looking for one mainly for winter to prevent snow from turning into ice when we're not there. Not fun trying to bust out a huge block of ice.
My thoughts exactly.

I was kind of torn between the Polaris Lock and Ride one or just spend the money on a RotoKap. I think Im going to go with the RotoKap since it will give you more bed space. It's pricy tho. You can get the EMP version for half the price. So it may just end up being whatever one is available in a few months when I pull the trigger. If you have any better options, I would love to hear them.

I took a chance and ordered this:
Polaris Ranger Gear Vault | Zrp Shop
Polaris.com also has it on clearance: Gear Vault | Polaris RANGER
Interesting, well for $100 shipped to Alaska I took a chance as well. I created a virtual card through my bank to make it a bit safer. Thanks for the info!
Beamtech h-13 light bulbs are a nice upgrade over stock.
Gilomen tune and clutching have been a must have on my last 2 machines.

V plow... imo are a bit too heavy. I wouldn't run one without upgrading to HD springs and frame stiffener on the front.

Congrats on the new rig.
Thanks. Gilomen's Gen 2 Elite kit looks like a winner. Looks like I'll be adding it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion.
Hit it hard always in forward and don't look back...
Full send only works in Forward always.
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Get the kit with the adjustable weights. That way you can adjust the rpms to your liking. The fixed weights tend to run at max rpms and can be a little peeky for most.
Will do, thanks.
Well I don't plan on this turning into a build thread. But I figured I would share one of the first and most important upgrades: Lights.

A pair of Rigid Side-Shooters on the top of the windshield and a small Rigid 10" lightbar on the brush guard. At the moment only the 10" bar is wired up, my dealer was out of the upper harnesses. I still need to find something for the rear of the cab to act as reverse/backup lights.

Next step is to install the upper switch panel and bus bar. But that's going to wait until I have all the harnesses. No sense pulling the insulation down more often than I have to.
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