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Hello All,

We just purchased a 2014 Ranger XP 900EPS and now we are looking for places to go and enjoy seeing Arkansas with it.

I am (almost) 70 years old so my mobility is not what it used to be when I bought my (then new) 1984 Honda TRX200.

I bought the 900 after seeing one on Ax Men on TV. I realized it should be perfect for re-clearing the walking trails in the woods behind our house and, with its water cooling, not overheating when pulling a Bush Hog to keep a 3 acre field cut.

This will leave a lot of time when the 900 will sit parked so I am hoping to find trails in Arkansas where we can ride it and get it through the 25 hour break in period.

I would really appreciate suggestions on finding riding trails within a reasonable driving distance from Cabot (central) Arkansas.


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