Well I goofed. I purchased this for my Ranger Crew 800 and did not realize this won't work on early ones like mine. This fits 2011 - 2014 Ranger 800s and is all plug and play for more power and better running. This is brand new and pre-programmed for an exhaust, intake restrictor plate removed, and lower elevations including California and Arizona deserts. It was purchased and pre-programmed from Fuel Moto, and of course programmers are non-returnable, so here I am. The Commander V will alter both the fuel and ignition system, and you can further program it with the cable that is include if you need to. I paid $430 plus tax. They also won't ship to CA (my Ranger is in AZ) but I am in CA so that will help you too if you are here. Bail me out of my screw up at $350 FIRM. Part number is 19-025 if you want to look at the detailed specs on their sites.