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We recently bought a new house and the Polaris Ranger came with it. It’s used to plow snow and take garbage cans down the long driveway to the public road.

We’ve put some money into maintenance type stuff, most importantly brakes. When the mechanic (side hustle friend of a friend) was working on it, he removed to Mount for the plow and returned it disconnected. I was able to connect the bracket and then the plow blade to bracket, but there is an electrical plug that needs connected in order to raise and lower the plow. It would have been easier to see where it plugged in prior to mounting the bracket, but it’s attached now. Can someone point me to some manual or video that shows where this gets connected?
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Also, the headlights are pretty dim. I’m considering an aftermarket light bar, but am wondering whether it’s possible to upgrade the existing headlights to high output LED. Anyone have recommendations?
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