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Got my new ride and been working on it for several days and now I have several questions:
1. I went to torque down my ITP 108 rims. The shop manual and ITP info says to torque at 90 foot lbs and when I did, one of them sheared off. Anybody else experience this problem?
2. I have a Gorilla 3000 lb winch and when I went to mount the winch, it sits awfully close to the shock. I haven't tried it since I installed the 2" lift kit-will look at it today. Has anybody else with this winch had this problem?
3.The owner's manual says the first service is at 50 hours-is this true or could it be a misprint? All of my Polaris Sportsman models had the first service at 10 hours. I'm still going to do my first oil change at 10 hours.
I will post pictures this weekend.
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