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Hi Sch,

Your experience matches what I got, 14 miles per charge on rough trails with new lead acid batteries. I bought my Ranger from an online auction. It was from a rental fleet. Beat up with 375 hours with a new set of USA FLA batteries. I never got 30 miles per charge but I did not try a long trip on pavement with 30 psi. I switched to an 10.5kWh Atlas ESS LFP battery. I found my consumption on rough trails was approx 295 watt/hr per mile, with 7psi in the tires. So my range is 36 miles per charge. Range will increase with higher tire pressure and better trails (less rolling resistance). Also, the personality of the Ranger changes when you loose 460 pounds of lead! You should definitely change to LFP.
Whats LFP stand for?

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Most Li Ion as used in Main stream EVs will charge at or around 0c. All give less performance in charge and discharge at or around 0c. Lifepo4 (I think thats whats being referred to as LFP) are no better at low temp charging. Some do however have Ytrium added that improves low temp charging . The later Thundersky have the "Y" in the model number and that is the lifepo4 with Ytrium. There is a very rare Li version referred to as Lithium Titanate that is supposed to work at low temps, but few are available, and they are not cheap. The main issue with low temp and any Lithium version , is using them under load. If you use them very gently to start with they will warm up and give reasonable performance. If you start the vehicle and thrash it immediately , you will do permanent damage to the cellsm the internal structure is permanently altered with metal plating the carbon structure, the really do lose capacity. On some small EVs here in the UK, I reccomend putting the pack powered heater on for 20mins, not only does it warm the vehicle, but it warms the pack quite gently and when you then use it to drive the difference is really noticable.
In cold weather, dont leave the pack to charge overnight. Plug it in straight away when you stop using it, charge it while its internally warm. You will then get a better charge. If possible use it again once charged, again while its still warm. But dont put off charging.
WIth all Li much below about -5c and they all suffer even the expensive lithium Titanate/ unobtainium.

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Hello All,

I'm probably opening up a can of worms with this one.

I've recently purchased a 2012 Polaris Ranger. The previous owner (who previously owned the Polaris dealership) had put on 120 hours on the machine. The batteries were replaced in 2018 (US XC2-12V 155ah). Based on the math, the machine was only seeing on average 15hrs/year. Which means these batteries have probably seen under 50 charges. They are showing static voltages around 12.8V when charged. I've recently did a cleaning and topping up of the batteries. I have already put on 15hrs on this machine since getting it last month.

Now, I know there are a TON of caveats but I'm wondering if this seems like reasonable amount of range. Keep in mind, I live in a extremely mountainous area. I did a loop today which consists of two distinctly different terrains. One is a big climb on a old mining road (part 1), the other is a long descent on fairly smooth dirt road with a little climb at the end (part 2).

Main details:
59 degree F (15C)
Light winds & Sunny
1 Passenger (170lbs), no cargo, no accessories

Loop Pt 1:
Base Elevation: 2191 ft (667.9m)
Top of Climb: 3736 ft (1139m)
Distance: 3.41 miles (5.5km)
Average 5% slope (8 degrees) w/ some area of very rough terrain exceeding 35% (20 degree)
Turf mode, Max Range - with a small 1/4mile section of really steep terrain (AWD, Low Range)
That takes me down to about 50% on the SOC

Loop Pt 2:
Starting Elevation 3736 ft (1139m)
Ending Elevation 2191 ft (667m) with a dip down to 1800ft (550m)
Distance: 8.2 miles (13.2km)
Only Turf mode, Max Range
Down to 20-30% on the SOC

Total Distance is 11.6 miles (18.7km)
1 hr of drive time on the hour meter

I'm certainly impressed with the terrain capability of the machine. I'm not sure if I should expect more range than this given the terrain with FLA batteries. Thinking about switching over to Lithium but unless you folks think my batteries are weak, I don't think the current available 280ah will provide enough range for my exploration needs in my locale, as I would need to hit around 40 miles (60km) range with about 12 miles of hard uphill (from 2000' to 7000').

For the most part, I primarily use the ranger on a small farm, which I use 10% in a day's worth of use and it is fabulous for that.

Would love your thoughts on this!

I also did make a video of the loop, which I will link when I get the video together and online.

The Voltronix Lithium-Ion Battery conversion on average gives you 40-60 miles per full charge (depending on the terrain). If you would like to discuss or get a quote let me know. My email is [email protected] or my cell is 770-765-2123. If you would like to leave your information so I can email you a quote and/or information just click on this link - Voltronix Lithium-Ion Request for Information/Quote
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