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Simply put, these bars will protect the sides of your machine from logs, stumps, rocks, etc. while driving through whatever terrain you find. They are rigidly bolted directly to three of the most solid points of the frame per side and will give your investment the protection it deserves at a price that seems small for the work they perform. These bars double as a side step for easier entry and exit from the machine when needed. Racer Tech designed the step bars with the big tire guys in mind so there will be no tire clearance issues with these bars before you have issues with other parts of the machine. Also considered, was retention of the existing ground clearance of the machine. No ground clearance is lost with this kit. The bottoms of the Nerf/Tree bars are flush with the lowest point of the factory chassis.

Installation requires four holes to be drilled through the frame per side which allows the supplied mounting hardware to turn these step bars into an integral part of the original chassis. Installation is simple and can be performed in less than one hour. Our Racer Tech Step Bars will fit all full-size Ranger XP 700/800 models from 2009 and up.

For Step Bars click HERE.

For Nerf Bars click HERE

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