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Hi everyone.. I have a 2010 Ranger EV (yup.. I know).. Despite the fact that I have:

• Recently put a brand new set of TROJAN 1275's in my 2010 Ranger EV
• Confirmed I have updated Delta Q Charge controller (2 cables coming out of side)
• Checked, cleaned every connection
• Given a dedicated 10m long 2.5 mm cable direct from 20 amp fuse in fuse box
• Upgraded the IEC connector from charger to a 15amp connector

I still cannot charge the EV..
I am getting 2 RED BLINKS on the charger and the dash indicator.

I have only EVER driven the EV for maximum 200 meters and according to the battery indicator it drained the brand new batteries to 1/4.

Can anyone please help.. 6k down and no joy yet

Thanks in advance for any constructive input
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