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Hi all - Firstly thanks for all your great input and shares on this forum, amazing resource and support. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on my current issues with the machine.

Ive got the dreaded 2010 EV !!! great condition.. but riddled with possibly connect issues.. I have searched deeply for THE solution to each problems.. but even after many hours picking through the generous offering here.. still no fix's for me.

• Firstly: Ive just bought a brand new set of TROJAN T-1275 Batteries at a cost of 2500 euros. Cleaned all connections and installed. On start up.. battery meter showed almost full, drove it about 200 meters.. (yep two HUNDRED).. battery meter now shows almost empty. Is it even possible to empty batteries this quick !!

• Secondly: So.. of course I tried to charge the EV, but the charger just shows Alert triangle signals (bottom red dot flashing) and also the second to bottom dot (squiggly line) is green. After about 10 minutes, battery meter shows almost full.

• Thirdly: Getting Juddery power losses when climbing hills, tried accelerating slowly as suggested elsewhere on this forum, no change, low power and judders.

All in all a very disappointing str=art to my Ranger EV relationship.. I understand there are issues with the chargers and algorithms on the 201 EV's.. but havnt found anyone with all these issues on one machine.. please someone.. tell me they are all connected and its an easy fix. Im very short on funds and at 7000 Euros down and without wheels to run my homestead duties.. feeling quite desperate to get this sorted..

Thanks in advance
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