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I have been looking for a better way to strap in items in my Ranger bed for a while now and couldn't find anything out there that would work well. The rails on the Ranger have those holes, but a bungee strap just doesn't fit in there very well. If you hit a big bump the strap pops out. Polaris has some alternative tie downs, but they didn't really fit the need of hooking a bungee strap. I could drill into the bed and permanently attach hooks, but I didn't want to do that...for starters I didn't want to drill into the bed, secondly I didn't like the idea of having them in permanent positions and not able to move them.

These however, work perfect! You can add them to any slots on the bed...and can change them to different spots in a matter of seconds. They fit perfectly in the holes of my 2014 Ranger 800...turn them clockwise (half turn) to tighten them, turn them counter-clockwise to remove them. Once tight, you can not pull them out so you don't have to worry about them falling out or losing your cargo again.

Like I said, I have a 2014 Ranger 800...but any year/model with similar size slots would work. I have a friend that brought over a 2013 and they fit fine there as well. If you are interested in a set, send me a message and I can lead you in the right direction.

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