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I have a dead fuel pump wiring harness, Pump works (jumper wire to test). It is a 2002 500 Ranger

So I went to the local Polaris shop and asked questions, such as could I by pass and just wire fuel pump in to the ignition switch?

Yes was the answer and on the back of the ignition switch is a "looped" wire that he suggested that I can cut to use as a hot wire. Successfully installed the new wires and "my foot on the break to start" is not working. Yeah that looped wire is connected to the foot on the break start lockout thingy.

So Tomorrow I will re-do it, but what I have found is the fuel pump stayed on constantly. Is that normal? Key on and the fuel pump continues non stop.

Before it would turn on with the key --- run for a few seconds then stop. What am I missing? The unit is stuck in the back forty and of course the dealer says bring it in.... $$$$

Any thoughts?
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