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I seen this on the SXS guys page on FB ...
The SXS Guys
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Is this the new Polaris General? …or the rumored Polaris “Admiral”?! With familiar build techniques and shapes we see in the General, newly minted patent US20220315115A1 shows us this all-new concept featuring:
  • All-new boxy styling
  • Full cab enclosures including Bed Cover option
  • Full HVAC
  • Fully boxed lockable doors with both manual and electric window options
  • Flip up front and rear windows
  • New fold-down rear seats for extended bed capacity
  • New engine configuration with familiar twin cylinder
  • Familiar but updated suspension with high clearance comments and beefed up lowers
  • Windshield wiper with sprayer
  • New locking storage options in the cabin
  • New winch controls on the shifter
What are your thoughts? This looks like a killer overlander rig! Add some long travel, wheels and tires, and some roof racks or camper top!

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