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South Dakota registration

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I saw an old thread from 2015 about utv registration in south Dakota if you don’t live there but couldn’t find any more current information past that short thread and if you look on the South Dakota dmv it’s not very helpful just looking for a little direction
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So I’m in florida and they aren’t allowed on the roads here unless they are tagged apparently you can tag them in South Dakota? Via mail? There are 3-4 guys down here running South Dakota tags on them
Perfect that’s what I was looking for Leo guys around me absolutely turn a blind eye if they can and Some of them have even recommended getting a sd tag I’m in an Extremely rural area now to just fill out the paperwork
Currently running a SD tag in Florida no issues but I would recommend using Montana, some Florida counties have up help tickets for SD tags.
What county did you use in sd?
Correct but sd allows out of state registration
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