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Starter Problems

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I have a 2016 570 EFI that isn't starting correctly. Over time it has gotten where it wouldn't engage and start. Sometimes it would start and other times it wouldn't. I have taken the starter off and the gears look OK. I have watched You Tube on how to change this so I then went inside and checked the gears on the inside and they all look good. No signs of gear damage or shavings. I have also replaced the battery. I'm thinking the starter is not staying locked in while starting the engine. Can anyone give me experienced info on this matter.
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Most likely the starter solenoid is not "kicking out" to engage the flywheel. When it does not start does the starter spin? if so good time to invest in a new starter or, if you can pull it apart you might be able to see what the hang up is. Possibly bad / worn out bushing or bearing, gummed up internal solenoid lever linkage or sliding gear.

Anatomy of a starter
Question where do most of you buy your parts?
Call dealer to get price, then check SuperATV, Amazon, eBay, Google search for aftermarket or OEM.
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