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Superatv flip up Windshield

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Looking for at the superatv flip up windshield for my 2023 crew xp I have ordered. I assume the 2023 will be the same as the 2022’s. Superatv said it does not fit in the 2022’s but I’ve seen them on 2022’s. Superatv part number SKU : FWS-P-RAN-001-70

Does anyone know if this windshield fits 2022’s? And does the windshield lock open slightly to vent?- just like the Polaris brand glass windshield- shut-vent-flipped up.
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As of right now, we have all the years covered for fitments on the 1000 XP models. Can't say for sure on a 2023 yet because they haven't been released and we can't confirm any possible changes....but I don't think they'd do a complete overhaul on it and assume it'll bolt up just fine like the current models.
Can the windshield be partially opened to vent?
Can the windshield be partially opened to vent?
Not on the 1k models unfortunately. The way the dash is set up, the locking mechanisms need to be on the sides by the cage and there's no good way to add a venting option without building a bracket that extends out in front of the cage.
I have several windshields. Of course the factory made polaris windshield of either model is the best quality. The current windshield I run is a seizmik versa fold flip down windshield. You can cruse 50 mph down the road and turn onto a rocky trail, stop unlatch , flip down and be on your way in five secounds. Most of the time with my girlfriend with me we don't actually stop. Just slow down unlatch flip down. After about three years I had an issue with the hinge. Called Seizmik, I had a replacement in the mail the next day. No charge. In the winter I generally run polaris canvas doors. In the summer DragonFire hard doors. When I put the canvas doors on in the late fall I remove my Seizmik mirrors and store them in a box upstairs above my shop. One winter I was up there looking for something I tipped the box over and busted one of the mirror glasses. Come spring I called Seizmik and said I had broken one of the glasses and would like to order a replacement. The guy said no problem it'll be in the mail tomorrow. I said ok , are you ready for my credit card number ? He said the mirrors have a lifetime warrantee Sir so no charge. I said well I accentually tipped the box over and broke one. So it was my fault and i'll pay for it. He says, It doesn't matter how it broke Sir, its covered and I have your address here. So watch the mail.
Thats great customer service.
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