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This is an old but very useful Tech Tip: I have been using this stuff for over twenty years and still finding good stuff to use it on.

One thing every shop or garage needs is Isopropyl Alcohol. Why you ask?

1 - works awesome for cleaning belt smear on clutches and does not leave a residue that could cause belt failure.
2 - wipes tools clean with out discoloring plastic or rusting the tools.
3 - works great for removing decals it pulls the adhesive to the rag with out smearing it around.
4 - cleans electrical components and leaves no residue.
5 - cleans up stained plastic parts.
6 - works great for cleaning motor parts before assemble.
7 - removes carbon deposits.
8 - will remove grease or heavy dirt spots from vinyl seats etc.
9 - cleans all metal or laminate work benches.
10 - works great to clean tool box.
12 - use to wipe down metal parts before painting.
13 - works good for cleaning grease of hand grips or steering wheel.

These are a few things I have used this product on with great results and the best part is the stuff is usually under a dollar for a 10 ounce bottle.
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