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What is Wrong with My UTV Wiring? This is what a Polaris Ranger owner needs to know and he turned to the ATV AnswerMan for help.

Here is exactly what the reader asked the AnswerMan, followed by his response:

I’m not sure what the issue is but if someone could help me that would be great. I have a 2010 ranger [800] and it seems to be having trouble running sometimes but not always. I Took it up to my hunting spot when I tried to unload it from the trailer it was idling rough and seemed very sluggish. It would jump around 1130 – 1100 rpms then go way down to 900 rpms. I finally was able to get it going and after roughly an hour it was still just lacking power and not idling well. Then it started dying on me before I went to load it back on the trailer. Has fresh fuel and no water in the gas tank. The dealer did the 50hr service on it with new plugs and stuff. Never had any problem with it idling before. For how much this thing cost me it should hold up way better than this. Please help.
Check it out here: What is Wrong with My UTV Wiring? - ATV.com
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