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got people asking questions.
Want expert answers..
Not people in general.
They seen to not know.
They didn't communicate with the dealer.
Didn't look at the compression ratio for the motor being 10.5.1.
Which is not 87 octane rating compression.
They seem to think buying non ethanol gas is the answer.
You ever see the Vent on the side of the utv..that vent allows moisture to get in the gas.

Run a minimum of 89 gas.
Ethanol gas is fine.put some starbrite startron in the gas to fight the moisture.
A lot of your problems will go away.

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The manual says use 87 oct or higher.
I've had 3 polaris deslerships say run at least 89 oct or higher.
I know from building harleys engine's.
The people with the kits.
Says 10.5.1 says run premium fuel only.
91 or 93 octane only.

You can run whatever you want.
When you have problems.
Remember what 3 dealerships has said.
Remember, octane levels start dropping in weeks.
So if you started with oct level of 87.
In 3 to 4 weeks.
Its no longer 87 oct.
And with a open vented system.
All are going to draw moisture.

Some suggested starbrite startron in your fuel to stabilize the fuel and fight moisture.
Akehol in your fuel.
Also eats up fuel lines and fuel hose liners.

Most of your riding mower mfg say run starbrite startron in your fuel every fill up.or look for carb problems.
Tractor supply told 3 of my friends that.
I been running starbrite startron for 8 yrs..

Worked with my buddy who is a boat mechanic for 5yrs.
Sure helps stabilize the fuel in boats sitting.
And fight water in your fuel.
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