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Would you buy a XP1000 crew? >2023 build thread

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EDIT: Bought 2023 Ranger XP1000 crew in graphite ...

I'm a current ranger owner (570 mid, XP1000).
Occasionally I need a crew.
Looking at nice used ones the numbers don't make sense.
So, I'm considering new. Premium trims are the ones I'm shopping.
The 570 full size crew doesn't appear to be much cheaper than the 1000 crew.
1000 crew gets pretty close to XP1000 in price.
I've been offered a in stock, just assembled, XP1000 crew premium in grey for $21,750 otd. I'm tax exempt in my state for farm use.
Planning to place a deposit Tuesday (most powersports dealers in my region are closed on Monday).

I would add all accessories myself which I enjoy. Would add the same stuff no matter what model.
Those would be:
Camlocker toolbox, rear bumper, saw press, rear windshield, rear view mirror, winch, light bar, rear light, bed mat, roof, windshield, interior lights and bed anchors.

The existing 570 and XP1000 have the same accessories and I'm planning to keep both. I also added power steering to the 570 fwiw.

At that price the 570 and 1000 don't really seem worth considering.
Would like to hear your feedback.
Thanks for reading.
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It would be nice to see the pictures in here, not in Gmail.
BTW- the smartliner fits the 23 perfect.
I ordered a new one and it dropped right in. Fits just like the one in my 2020 XP1000.
That's great news!! I'm now going to order one too!! New owner of a '23 XP1000 Crew North Star Ultimate. It's a thing of beauty.
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Still haven't driven this machine other than off the trailer and in the shop.
Looks good in my shop. I like the color.
Will put some miles on it soon and report back.

I worked the area polaris rep though my dealer for an additional year of warranty at n/c.
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