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Xp1000 buzzing noise

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I have a buddy who has a 2018 Ranger XP1000 that will continue to have a high pitched buzz noise from the belt area. It will do it for a while.

this is the text he sent me:
Will shut the key off and whatever this high pitch whine is will continue after the key is off. This same whine starts when you initially turn the key on and normally turns off shortly after turning the key off. When it does this I have to cycle the key back on, then off again and it’ll shut off.

I had him post a video to YouTube. Which is below.
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Could have heard it a little better if your buddy turned off the background music :rolleyes: Another one of life's little mysteries, Since new, my 2022 Ranger 1000 SOHC does the exact same thing but not all the time. For some reason something sometimes decides to stay on but eventually turns off if you wait long enough. I would imagine it's quite normal but getting the real answer would be enlightening.
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