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Xp1000 crew clutch weights

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Going through my clutches and getting a new belt
Already replaced rollers in secondary and the moveable sheave due to issues with the bushing coming out. Now moving onto the primary and the bushing on the weights are shot. Weights that came out say 32-114 on them. Polaris parts lookup says they should be 32-106
Anyone know what they should be? I suppose they could have been changed at some time. But research is showing both to be right… lol.
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2019 XP 1000 crew.
Talked to a dealer tech and he said he assumed someone changed them to 32-114 at some point. Which he would prefer. So I will replace them with the 114s
Thank you!
32-114 were stock in my 2021 northstar premium xp1000 before I installed Gilomen fuel saver clutch kit.
Thanks, I think they went from 106 to 114 in 2020 or so.
Do you know the difference between the 32-114s and the 32-114-HC

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